I left Los Angeles to find new trees.

Born and raised in the Valley, I dreamed of one day living in a forest.

Tired of rocks and sand and barren views, I found a way to achieve this dream by traveling, thanks to the support of my project, Typewriter Poetry.

Typing FREE POETRY for strangers meant I had the chance to explore and live in some pretty interesting places–including an off-grid writing cabin in the remote wilderness of Sweden.

Eventually, I left the woods to see if I could work in the city until I could purchase lush green forest land of my own. This was my goal for years—to have my own land in a forest or an island.

But that all changed with the conscious conception of my daughter, Mayari.

Desert: “to abandon”

Flow The Desert is a journey of return. Return to my hometown, my city, my so-called barren desert views.

Having fallen in love with the beautiful browns of this place, I am seeking to give back, to give my all to the only thing that matters.

Flow The Desert is my love letter to the earth.

What better way to spend a life than pursuing the impossible?

My hope is to grow at least one tree, one patch of grass, one piece of fruit, one flower in the desert.

This website serves as documentation of the journey.

Come join us.